Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're back!

I know - the main page looks a little different. For those who missed it, Nyeusigrube was hacked yesterday afternoon. The damage was minimal and easily fixed, but if one person could hack into the site to do a little damage, another person could certainly get in to do a whole lot more damage, so I'm trying to patch up some of the most likely sources of security holes.

The blog was one of those. In fact, it was the most likely culprit, since it's php programming was out of date, and the way it was set up, there was no real way for me to update it. I have saved the previous posts and may archive them if people would like, but the short answer is, I have decided to switch to a blog hosted off-site.

The benefits? In addition to security issues, when goes down, the blog should still be visible through its main link. Also, due to the way blogger is set up, I can easily add a section for upcoming appearances instead of constantly copying that info into the most recent blog post. I can also include in the sidebar the "quick facts" formerly lost in the right side margin of the page. [EDIT: In response to a concern mentioned in the comments, I say "when the site goes down" instead of "if the site goes down" because occasional server hiccups and other outages seem to be a fact of life, not because I have any plan to get rid of]

The down-side? I don't think the main page is as pretty. On the other hand, it is much prettier than it was post-hacking. I think those of you who saw it will agree.

Also, if you like subscribing to blogs, I believe you can do that with this one.


  1. In order for me to ask this question correctly, I'm going to quote you, "when goes down, the blog should still be visible through its main link."

    Are you saying that IF the site were to ever go down due to hacking or some other problem, at least the blog would be safe?

    Or are you saying that WHEN the site goes down, you'll still have the blog?

    Sorry, I'm just a little confused. I've been a huge fan for years now, and its been a long time since the website has been updated and returned to its former glory from its days as I know you're super busy and have a life as well, I just wanted to make sure that the site wasn't going to go down...

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Megan - I made an edit to the main post. Sorry to cause you any concern. And believe me, no one is more frustrated than I am by the ups-and-downs in site updates. It seems like every time I think I might have time, that "free" time gets sucked away again. It would probably be better for me to just let someone else take over the site, but I'm selfish, and I like to hold onto it even if that means it isn't always as updated as it should be.

  3. As an additional benefit, this blog has yet to say 'page not found' on my laptop screen. The old one did that most of the time, for whatever reason.


  4. I am glad that the page is back. I was worry there for a second :D

  5. Hi Amelia. I think you are a fantastic writer. It's sad what happened to your page. But I think it's great that you're doing it on your own. I'm writing a novel myself. It's a mix of fantasy and realistic fiction. I've read some of your works and i love your way of writing. It's funny to see how the books mature as you are maturing yourself. The themes get deeper and deeper. Will you experiment on writing in other genres? I live in Sweden so I get no chance of meeting you. *sad*. I would love to speak further with you. If you would like to, you can add me att msn: Don't worry, I'm not afraid of letting my e-mail out. Not that I'm not caring what happens, but I don't think so many people would find pleasure in writing junk to it. And even if they do, I wouldn't read it. :D
    I told you I'm writing a book myself. I haven't gotten that far, but I wait for the day when it will be finnished.
    However, I'd love to talk with you more personally. So if you have got the time and would like to talk as well, you can just add me att the address listed above.
    Take care,