Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still moving along

Well, this winter so far has been a rough ride, with a lot going on over here-- some really good, some really bad, but mostly just really busy.

So, let me give you a quick update:

I just turned what I hope is the final revision of Token of Darkness(formerly Cooper) in to Random House. It still needs copyediting and all that jazz, but the bulk of the work is out of my hands. That means, however, that it is time to look at the next book in line.

Which book might that be? It's looking very much like All Just Glass is finally going to make it out there. This follow-up to Shattered Mirror has been around for ages, but was put aside while we published the Kiesha'Ra books, and then because we didn't want to go for a sequel right after a five-book series. All for the best- the years have given me time to get the book nearer to what I want it to be.

Though AJG is technically a sequel to Shattered Mirror, Sarah is not the only or even the main protagonist, and my goal is for All Just Glass to approach new themes and new characters' stories, instead of just being a continuation of a previous book.

When is it coming out? I don't have a clue.

In unrelated news, I am six weeks into my fifteen-week practicum for my teaching licensure, which is why I have been so busy. I also may have other news soon, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves.


  1. Ooh, yay, that's great! Congrats! ^^

    Is AJG the same to Shattered Mirror as Demon in My View is to In the Forests of the Night?

    Good luck with your teaching licensure! :D

  2. ShatMir and AJG are more closely tied together than Forests and Demon. They involve more of the same characters, and events from ShatMir are still among the direct causes of the primary plot for AJG.