Monday, June 29, 2009

All Just Glass

Read the previous post after this one, because I am curious to get some comments on it, but I wanted to announce-- I have just officially submitted All Just Glass, sequel to Shattered Mirror, to my editor at Random House.

This book has been something of a white whale for me since 2000, when I first made an attempt at writing it. Over the last nine years, I have played with the characters and concepts, struggling to bring it together to tell the story I want to tell. I have scrapped text and started over multiple times. But once I finished Persistence (started 1999), it seemed like this one finally needed to get out there. It's time to continue this story.

AJG, like Token of Darkness, owes its final first-draft completion to NaNoWriMo. I cheated a little. I threw out all my old files (well, I didn't look at them for months except a brief skim-over in August, and didn't refer to any of my old prose or notes during November) and wrote the entire first draft for NaNo, treating all my previous attempts as brainstorming. It was apparently the only way to get past my anxiety about the nearly ten-year-old concept and bring fresh life and inspiation into the text.

And now it's in my editor's mailbox.

Meanwhile, my agent is reading something else, something different, which is a pretty big deal to me. I'm nervous about that, too.

I hate the waiting part.

I've published 11 books. I'm still waiting for the day the waiting gets easier.


  1. *cheers* Congrats on getting AJG in a reasonable form for your editor, and submitting it.

    Want to go out and celebrate on both counts? I'm perfectly willing to drive a couple hours to spend some time distracting you. Maybe we could even convince Zim to join us.

    ...okay, maybe I just want a closer look at your ring. ;)

  2. That's exciting on several important fronts. 1. Well done! 2. Hurrah for a long-awaited triumph! 3. I am beyond excited to read All Just Glass. I have long been an advocate for its publishing. 4. Ooooh, what is this mystery something else? That is also intriguing.
    As always, I continue to wait.

  3. Sha - we absolutely should! Maybe we could find some kind of equidistant location for you, me and Zim. And why am I posting this here? Who knows.

  4. Having read many of your entries for this past half year or so, I too must express my overwhelming joy on your completion of AJG. I patiently await it's release as well as this suprise of something else. Cheers again to a decade's worth of success!!! :D

  5. finally xDDD
    the day that i get to hear AJG is under going checking!! yay yay
    ths made my day..
    hoorah for you if it does get approve. which i high doubt it'll be declined! afterall your like one of the best author out there.
    woot woot

  6. I'm so excited. Congratulations. I can't wait to find out what the something new is.

  7. No way! That's too great. Hope everything goes well Hail, and congratulations on this and everything else exciting in your life!

  8. Yaaay finally =) So happy right now ^^

  9. Amy, maybe WE should find an equidistant place to celebrate!!! ;) I'm glad that you finally got it into a form you're happy with and that it's up for publishing. I look forward to reading the conclusion of Sarah's story. ^_^

  10. Uber Awesomeness! Ever since I read tidbits of AJG on your site long time ago, I always wanted to see how it turned out.

  11. Sounds awesome!!! I'd lovelovelove to read a sequel!!!

  12. AJG, I cannot wait to see a published version (though I've never read the drafts).
    Shattered Mirror is a favorite of mine.
    Good luck and congrats to you! c:

  13. Yay! I'm so excited for it! This is the first time I've commented, but I've been reading old posts for a while, and this is the first one that's made me truly ecstatic! WHOO! :D