Saturday, June 13, 2009

Publishing updates...

So, someone on the message board made a comment about a boxed set, which reminded me that I have updates for you all...

First up: Token of Darkness has a release date, February 9, 2010. If you're the right kind of person and in a relationship, you can remind your sweetheart that books make great gifts. If you're not in a relationship, you can remind anyone you want to feel guilty that books are a great gifts to keep you from harassing them during their dates. ;)

Next up: Random House is in fact releasing an omnibus edition including the first four Den of Shadows books. It's called the Quartet, and should be on sale August 11, 2009.

Edit: Target has agreed to pick up the Omnibus to distribute!


  1. *blink* Wow. I may just post-pone my B&N trip so that I can pick that up when I go. I still don't have MP or Forests. I'm guessing that's hardcover. Hmm.

  2. Ah, that looks SO much better than the comers they've been coming out with lately. I loved the original covers, and was extremely angry when they changed them, but this actually looks really good. I might hafta bend my "only-check-books-out-of-the-library" rule for this.

  3. I want to let you know, you have a big fan, right here. and i am rly looking forward to the nxt book

  4. Ooh Yay!!!
    I have all of your books already,
    but a box set might just mean that
    I'll have two copies :p

    Also, to Iris Daseondt, I completely
    agree,i HATE the new covers for everything.
    It made me really sad when I went to re buy
    the collection only to find that i would be
    stuck with hideousness. Luckily i was able to find original covers and special order them :):)

  5. I actually HAVE a Target in my state now! In my town even! With a Walgreens next to it!

    ..excuse me while I go celebrate.

  6. I might have to go pick up a copy of that. I don't own SM and MP has been read to death. It's split in half!

  7. I only own Persistence of Memory ^^ So I'm definitely going to by it!

  8. Although for the most part I do agree with Iris Daseondt, the new covers initially didn't look all that bad. It's about time they got a quartet though. ;) Cheers to a decade's worth of success!


  9. @Bri: I suppose WalMart already made it there? Your comment made me laugh. When are you going to come see us?

  10. I can't wait for the next book in your series. I love your books. I am planning on buying the Omnibus edition to give it out to my friends who haven't read that series of your books yet. I love your books. Your books are the ones that brought me into the world of vampires when I was only 13 and now I can't get away from the. I am an addict for the paranormal. lol Thank you. :D

  11. Hurrah for distribution! That should definitely help, looking at the prevalence of Target locations in the States. (I was super psyched when I got into my local Chapters.) Exposing more readers to Aubrey, Nikolas, Risika and the gang is always a good thing. Not that they would probably like to be lumped together as such..

  12. Why, hello there! In the search for an email address I could use to contact you, I find this instead! I'm so very happy to have been chosen as the cover artist for your book. I was hoping we could possibly keep in touch, though I know you are a very busy woman. Take care. :)