Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 27

"I felt that blank incapability of invention which is the greatest misery of authorship, when dull Nothing replies to our anxious invocations."

- Mary Shelley

Prompt of the Day: Not going anywhere for a while? (Yeah, you all know the candy bar line... right?) Your character has to wait for something - in line, for a phone call, for the end of the world, whatever works for you.


It's the day after Thanksgiving! Let's celebrate by cleaning! Your character(s) have to roll up their sleeves and clean something.

Tip of the Day: Don't give up! 29,000 words behind, with only four days left? Don't sell yourself short, say "I can't" and give up. Aim for that 50k. Even if you end up with 10k, that's more than you had, and people have done extraordinary things in the last days of NaNo- you never know what words may come.

Don't hurt yourself trying to get that 50k, but don't just give up, either.

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