Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Site Stuff - seeking feedback!

Okay, I was up until about 1am and have now redone the basic format of the five main pages (home, blog, wiki, message board, writing). I haven't done includes or anything more than basic html yet, since I don't want to bother to fix up the directory structure and finalize anything until I settle on a design. Currently I have same-style but different header designs for each section. I like the concept, but will it drive people crazy? Should I make them all match?

Someone has already mentioned the header color (orange-ish) looks painful on her monitor, so I will probably change that. It looks nice on mine, but I know colors like that sometimes look very different on different monitors. Along those lines - I've tested in Firefox and IE. Anyone out there on Opera or other browsers want to let me know if there's anything funky going on? I probably won't know how to fix it, but if it's a huge problem, I'll try.

Since someone else asked, "The Wiki" incorporates previous sections "The World" and "The Books."

Please let me know your thoughts in comments below.

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Two posts in one day - and on completely different topics, so you might want to look back at the previous one.

As you may have noticed, yes, I am renovating the site. My goal is to make it easier for me to keep up to date. This means turning it into a bit of a quilt between the site and the blogger site.

I'm aware that some of the tech-minded people out there are going to tell me this isn't the best way to go about my goal. However, it's the most likely to ever get done. I've tried hosting my own blog so it will fit in better, but I don't have the tech savvy to deal with security holes, which is probably how we got hacked most recently. At the same time, though, I want to get rid of frames. People hate frames; I hate frames; they work differently on all browsers and tend to screw things up, so I would rather jump from one site to another entirely than frame stuff.

I'm playing with it. I like to code when I have eight hours to kill and don't need to sleep any time soon.


  1. I'm using Opera and it looks just fine. The orange color is a sort of light pumpkiny kind of thing. It looks the same in Google Chrome, too. I didn't notice any errors on the page in either browser.

    Personally, I like the new design, and I think the different headers for each page is interesting to look at.

  2. Checked it on Safari. The header looks fine, but the links on the header for look a bit small. I'm not sure if that's normal for Safari or not. I don't usually use it.