Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy days... an update

Many of you have noticed that I've been quiet lately. So let me give you a brief update of what's going on...

Work is going great. I started a new job on January 4, and I love it.

We're wedding-planning frantically. I'm getting married on July 4, so we're really getting close now to the big day.

I graduated with my MA last August, but have been taking one more class for an additional license, which is wrapping up this week.

I hurt my knee, which has made packing and moving difficult. Our lease expires on March 31, and we're moving out.

Mandi and I were flooded out of our apartment last Monday, and have been living with my parents until...

... until we close on the house. Yes, we are buying a house- a beautiful little Victorian. We've been working on this since November, and I haven't wanted to announce it for fear of jinxing it, but it looks like we're closing next week. I'm excited, terrified, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, optimistic. I also have no office until after the 31st probably, so I'm avoiding anything not absolutely necessary on the computer, since I don't have my external keyboard or a good setup.

And that's all the news currently fit to type.

Wish us luck...


  1. Alaura Andrews-PierceMarch 24, 2010 at 4:05 PM

    Good luck!

  2. good luck and congratulations! =]


  3. Good luck, we wish you the best.

  4. Good luck and congratulations!