Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers...

It's the March showers that have been a problem, so I'm a little worried about how much rain we could get in April.

My mother always told me my apartment should be declared a disaster area- now it has been! But hey, the President visited my town. I didn't get to see him; I didn't even know he was there, since I was clearing the last of my belongings from the water. I also didn't get interviewed by Fox News, since I was busy clearing my belongings from the water. Mandi was interviewed, but she didn't have a sad story about a missing kitten, so they didn't show her interview on the 6 o'clock.

But hey, my apartment is now lakefront property! That lake on the right? That's supposed to be Beulah Street, but is now part of the river... the Sudbury River, I think, which is supposed to run behind those houses in the background. That green awning is where the front door of our apartment is.

Or, was. We've moved out; I turned in our keys yesterday. As I think I mentioned before, we've been living with my parents since the 15th, when the first flood came around. On the 31st, we and some wonderful movers slogged through several inches of water in order to move the rest of our belongings... into my parents' garage, since the closing on the house has been delayed.

We have so many boxes of books. It's almost absurd. The movers asked us if one of us sold books online. Between the author, the teacher, the counselor, and the two graduate students (yes, that's just the two of us), we're obsessed with books. What can we say?

Okay, so we live in a federal disaster area, and it's making the commute anywhere frustrating because all the major roads and many of the minor roads are closed, but all things considered we were very lucky. We didn't lose much; I don't think we really lost anything of value. Oh, yeah, that thing about AJG (most of you didn't see it, since it was posted too late) was an April Fool's.

We have somewhere safe and dry to live, and *crossed fingers* it seems like our new house-to-be is on high ground. No one in our family was injured. The animals were both taken to safety during the first flood. We were devastated when we realized we would be homeless for Passover, but we ended up spending the first Seder with people from our temple, and had a wonderful evening with new friends.

We're waiting for the house, waiting for the other shoe, waiting for more rain on Monday, waiting to see if the bottom of all our furniture rots, waiting in frequent traffic and detours, but we're healthy and warm and dry. Life is good.


  1. I'm really glad everything is drying out for you now...When I heard about the flooding a while back I thought you and Mandi may be getting the brunt of it. That sucks about the delayed closing on the house, but I'm sure you'll both be in there in no time!
    Sending Happy Happy Joy Joy thoughts your way!!

  2. I know what you mean by having so many books. Books make up at least 85% of my property right now. I'm thinking about moving across state on the little bit of a college salary as I've been able to earn the last few months, which has everyone saying it would be cheaper if I got rid of the majority of my books for the move. So, now I'm deciding what, if any of the books I have, I want to get rid of. Maybe I can buy a nook and keep them on there?

  3. Best of luck! It looks like you've got the best outlook you can have on the situation!

  4. Haha. I noticed you guys had a lot of books. Funny that he thought someone was selling online.

    My book collection isn't *quite* that massive, but give me time...

    Also, ick. We had rain too, but not that bad (and my hometown seems to have survived without flooding as well). At least the animals are safe.

  5. YOU'RE JEWISH!!! YES!!! i knew so much else about you, but because i've been soo busy the past year getting ready for my bat mitzvah, and then i just still haven't gotten back in my groove, i just haven't been paying too much attention.

    but i spent passover with my school, in boston, cuz the teachers decided to schedule the trip then. ugh.

    but im so sorry to hear about the flooding! we had all of that in atl in the fall! of course, now its so dry again were having brushfires--and i went from it raining and being like 30 degrees in boston to 80 in atl this past week. i <3 it here, in the sun. here, april means SUMMER!!!

  6. Have a happy passover. C:
    Hope you're somewhere nice, warm, and dry.

  7. My goodness, what a crazy time you've endured! I'm glad to see that things are starting to work out for you, though. I'll stay tuned to your blog to find out more news on this!