Friday, September 10, 2010

September is upon us!

Somehow, it has been two months since my last blog post, and here I am with only a few seconds to check in.

When I last posted, the wedding was barely over, and we were settling in. Well, that settling in takes a while, and there are an impressive amount of things to do after a wedding, especially in a new house.

As always, I'm working on multiple projects- in books, in the house and garden, and now I'm back to work as well. On the plus side, the weather is cooling down and ragweed season is nearing an end, so hopefully I will return to productive and cheerful instead of feeling like an exhausted, exceedingly grumpy slug.

... I'm not my best in August and such. Dog days of summer, they're called, but here I'm a cat person.

I'll try to write more, including something clever, next time.

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  1. i picked up den of shadows for my 13yr old daughter. as is my custom i read it before my daughter could. i have said all of that to say this... it was refreshing to find a book geared toward young readers that wasn't riddled with swears and sex. the love scenes are tender and not explicit. it is sometimes hard to find an author shelved in the "teen" section that isnt't. i know i can't shelter my daughter forever but for a while i would like to protect her innocence. so thank you for this book. i laughed as much as i cried and now so can she.