Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 13

"I even shower with my pen, in case any ideas drip out of the waterhead."

~Graycie Harmon

It gets harder to write prompts as we go further in, because I am assuming that most people already have a story started. There are many daily writing prompt sites, like Prompt a Day, but most of those sites assume you want to start a story. As you have probably discovered, for most of us, starting the story is the easiest part. Now, you hopefully have about 20k (some of you are laughing), and you need to sustain it.

Prompts of the Day:

Look back (briefly! Don't change anything!) at what you read, and you will probably find some kind of random object, or character, or event, that you threw in while trying to make word-count, but which you intended to mean nothing. Bring that person/thing back in today.

Tip of the Day:

Resist the urge to rewrite. Especially if you go back looking for eyes, or trying to remember what you wrote, you will almost certainly see something you don't like, or realize you did something inconsistent. Make a note of it in your file. Sometimes you might use it as an idea (wait, on this scene I said X, and this scene I said Y, can I do something to explain that?) or sometimes you might throw it out-- but LATER. Save it for now. Never revise in November.

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