Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 14

"A deadline is, simply put, optimism in its most kick-ass form. It's a potent force that, when wielded with respect, will level any obstacle in its path. This is especially true when it comes to creative pursuits."

– Chris Baty, No Plot, No Problem

Prompts of the Day:

Make a wish- blow out the candles, or wish on a star. If you're writing fantasy, do you have any superstitions or legends about wishes? Does your character believe in wishes?

Tip of the Day:

Make yourself a goal and a deadline, beyond just "50k/30days" or even "1667 today." Make deadlines like, "It's now 9:00 a.m. I can write 500 words before 9:30."

Make goals based on what you know you've been able to do when you're focused, not impossible goals (which will only leave you frustrated) or goals that are so easy they encourage you to procrastinate.

Also, when you make your goals, keep in mind how long you can maintain high levels of productivity. For example, I know I can reliably write 600 words in 15 minutes; 800 words in 20 minutes; and maybe 1200 words in an hour on a good day. When I'm really focused for a word war, I can hit around 800 or 900 in 15 minutes, but I cannot sustain that level of productivity past 15 or 20 minutes. So I set goals that fit into that, like "It's 6:00. I want to do 800 words before 6:30, when I need to leave for work."

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