Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow! It's April...

I don't understand how time flies so fast. Well, during the last month, part of the flying has been attributed to World of Warcraft, which I had stopped playing for almost four years before my wife brought that addictive beast back into our home...

Much of the rest has been working on the home, and my other jobs, as well as figuring out what's next in terms of books. One of the downsides of publishing is that sometimes things move frustratingly slowly, and I don't like to announce anything until it's a done deal.

I updated the "Most Recent Books" and "Next Books" sidebar on this blog, so you'll see a new title there: Promises to Keep. Some of you may have read small excerpts or comments about Promises if you saw my NaNoWriMo site in November 2009, or any time before it turned over for 2010.

I am also planning an epistolary-style online serial web project. This project is as canon as anything in the published books (unlike R:N and the drabbles on the message board), and takes place in the one months span of time between All Just Glass and Poison Tree. It takes the shape of emails written to and from Diana Smoke, the CEO of SingleEarth, so in addition to following up with some characters you know from previous books and introducing a few you will see in the future, it will also give readers some insight into the organization of SingleEarth.

Most exciting (for me) is the fact that I will be working with a good friend of mine who is also a professional illustrator to produce the first official representations of some of these characters. I love fan art, and certainly do not want to say anyone else is "wrong" if what we come up with isn't what you see in your mind, but if you ever wanted to know what I see in my mind, this will be your chance.

One of the reasons this project is taking so much of my time right now is because I wanted to have it mostly done before I even announced it, much less before I start posting in the very near future. I am considering this an official project, not a side project like the general site, R:N, etc, which means it does not have the option of being put aside in favor of more important projects. In other words, for those of you who have been frustrated with my lack of follow through on pet projects in the past, this one will actually happen and be completed - just in time for Poison Tree to hit shelves.

I want to spread the word, and I want a lot of feedback, so I know whether or not this project is worth doing again in the future.

To subscribe to a mailing list and receive updates about the SingleEarth project, please send a blank email to:

And yes, there are benefits to subscribing! In addition to receiving notice when new content is posted, there is likely to be "bonus" content available only to people on the subscription list.

(For the record: This is the first time I've used my web-server's email list feature. If it's glitchy, I apoligize, and we will move to yahoogroups or something.)

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