Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inbox and the Servers (again)

So, here's the skinny about Inbox and updates (cross-posted from subscriber emails):

The January/February hiatus was on me, completely, because I needed to get a book in. The continued delay is, once again, on my server. As you know, I've had problems with them for the last several months. I am seriously considering changing servers, but the thought grips me with terror because I remember what a nightmare that was last time.

In short: Changing over the site itself is irritating and time-consuming, but trying to move the message board database is a lot like trying to move a live grenade. If we change servers, the board will not move with us. We will start fresh. Some people think this is a good thing, but it makes me scared to think about it.

I know it's starting to sound like an excuse - "oh, yeah, the servers are screwed up again" - and I should have moved a long time ago if I'm having this many problems, but I cannot do so until I have a substantial amount of time to rip down the site, rebuild it, figure out how to transfer a domain name, and assess what to do with the message board. That means summer vacation: early summer, if I'm not behind on the book due in August, or late summer if I am.

So, there's what's going on in the world of Atwater-Rhodes. Thank you everyone for your patience.

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