Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome October!

Yesterday, I went on the biology teacher's web site to check her plans for the week, so I could plan modifications for my students accordingly.  I was annoyed to see that the online calendar was glitching - instead of showing me this week, it was showing me the first week of October.

My defense: It was 5 in the morning, and I had just opened my eyes and stumbled to my computer.  However, it took me a good twenty or thirty seconds before it trickled into my brain... it is October.

It's October!

October is my second-favorite month, preceded only by November, which comes next and therefore only makes October more awesome through the power of anticipation.  I love the way the air gets cool and crisp, the leaves turn, and the world simply changes color and tone.  It isn't cold enough to require a heavy jacket or to dread going outside, but it is cool enough to enjoy hot foods and beverages.  All the fall flavors are out - pumpkin spice and apple cider being my favorites.  The school year is in full swing now, people are feeling confident about their schedules, and we can really start to work.  Life is good.

This year, I'm starting a Drama Club for the program where I work; our first day is tomorrow, and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am.

My writing-goal this month is to finish and polish a short story I'm working on, which will be published in electronic format ahead of Bloodwitch.  In related news, I will also be at the Boston Teen Author Festival on October 28.

... and then it will be November, and time for NaNoWriMo.

The only problem with these months? They go by too fast.

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