Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rose Ward: Introduction

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Welcome to SingleEarth Medical #8, otherwise known as "Rose Ward," an online serial set in the Den of Shadows world after Promises to Keep.

This series of semi-canon drabbles are kind of a back-story to the NaNoWriMo novel I wrote in 2012.  They will exist as a series of short posts, may or may not have a coherent story-line, and may or may not continue depending on the author's available free time.

Reader comments always increase my level of inspiration and dedication, so if you want to see more, ask questions or make comments!

Disclaimer: This project is semi-canon, which means it falls into my current understanding of the world but is subject to revision or my just changing my mind.  It is also un-edited, and will be written as I go, so please be tolerant of errors- typographical, cannonical, or otherwise.

Also, Rose Ward belongs to me (Amelia Atwater-Rhodes) so please attach proper credit if you share.

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