Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bloodtraitor + Year in Review

Three days ago, apparently.  Get with the times!

Welcome, everyone, to 2016!

I'll write my "year in review" post below, but first, I am excited to say that I have not one but *two* novels coming out this year.  I'm incredibly superstitious, so I'm waiting until I have a signed contract in hand before I give all the details on the second one, but I will let you know that I am leaving Nyeusigrube behind (for a little while, anyway).
Bloodtraitor cover
Bloodtraitor available April 12, 2016

First, though, the Maeve'ra Trilogy concludes on April 12 with Bloodtraitor!

When he was a child, Malachi Obsidian spoke a prophecy: "Someday, my sister, you will be queen.  When you and your king rule, you will bow to no one, and this place, this Midnight, will burn to ash."

He predicted the end of the empire that ruled his world with an iron fist, and sparked a fire he could not control.  Those he loves are willing to sacrifice everything- their faith, their souls, and their lives- on the power of those words.

None of them know that Malachi holds a secret too powerful to be spoken aloud.  As he watches his family crumble and his world burn, Malachi must desperately try to save the people he loves and make amends for the terrible truth only he knows.

2015: Year in Review!

The big milestones of this year, as you might imagine, belonged to my daughter.  Rebecca was born near the end of 2014, so 2015 saw her rolling, crawling, standing, walking and now running and climbing.  It was a year of first words, first foods and first teeth.

This was a year of redefinition.  Who am I? It was a year of worrying- can I be a mother, a teacher and a writer? Will I need to give up one of the careers I love?- and finally conquering that fear and tackling the delicate balancing act that is being a single mother with two careers.

As a teacher, I finally and earned my professional license (MA has three license levels for teachers).  As a writer, I faced anxiety I've never known before when half-way through the year I suddenly needed a new agent, and through a cascade of events I ended up leaving the safety of Nyeusigrube for uncharted publishing territory.

In November my furnace malfunctioned, and as I walked out of the house with my daughter in my arms because of a gas leak, my brain did its usual series of "what if?" and I realized if the whole place blew up I wouldn't miss anything. (Except the animals- I felt bad I couldn't grab them.)  Later that day, once the gas had been shut off and I'd called to schedule an appointment to repair the furnace, I decided to sell my house.  I've spent most of the two months since giving away and throwing away stuff, trying to prepare the house for the market.

I've been a pack-rat for far too long.  It's time to clear out my life and make space for the things that are important: friendship, family, and faith.

My New Year's Resolution is to be less materialistic.

It should be, anyway, but it's actually to sell my house and get my own place so I can move out of my parents' house (we're staying here for now because it's nearly impossible to sell a house while living in it, especially with a young child).  I love my parents and I am grateful to have their support, but there's nothing like living with your parents as an adult woman with a child... and two cats.  I may lose my mind.

Rebecca's resolution seems to be to potty train herself.  She's only 13 months old, but she's determined.  I was going to wait until summer to try anything, but she started whining, doing the "pee-pee dance," running to the bathroom and trying to pull down her pants and climb onto the toilet, so I guess we're starting early? Wish us luck! Could be messy...

And that's my looking back and looking forward.  Happy New Year everyone!

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