Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A whole new world...

I can show you the world- shining, shimmering... wait, that's Aladdin.*

I cannot express how excited I am to finally be able to announce that my first adult novel has been purchased by Harper Voyager Impulse- part of Harper Collins- and will be on sale August 30!

Those of you who are long-time readers may know I've been working on the Mancer trilogy since my first NaNoWriMo in 2006, where I fell in love (or possibly obsession) with another world.  Message board veterans may even remember some drabbles and a Reality: Nyeusigrube appearance by Umber and Hansa, characters from the first novel, Of the Abyss.

Mancer takes my mature readers out of Nyeusigrube, to a world filled with illegal sorcery, double-edged power, corrupt politics and sexy demons.

In honor of the publication of Of the Abyss, as well as the upcoming conclusion of the young adult Maeve'ra Trilogy with "The Prophet" (March 15) and Bloodtraitor (April 12), I've done a little construction on the site:
  • The Den of Shadows page now features an introduction to the series, and a list of all titles (including the related Kiesha'ra and Maeve'ra series and all short stories) in the order of publication.
  • The Mancer page gives a more complete introduction to the new adult series.
  • By reader demand, my site now has a Store, powered by Amazon, to help you in finding all my titles! Hopefully it is organized in a way that is logical to someone other than me.  I like the concept, but I'm hoping Amazon is still improving its store interface.

* Thank you, Robin, for correcting my Little Mermaid/Aladdin mix-up.  How embarrassing!

I know it's one of the many Disney movies now criticized for its incredibly sexists messages to young girls, but Little Mermaid was one of my favorites when I was a kid.  I remember getting together with my friend Sarita, watching it in her living room and singing along with all the songs.  I loved Aladdin when it came along too (I was in second or third grade by then), but Little Mermaid is the earliest Disney movie I have vivid memories of.


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    1. *facepalm* Uuh... I knew that. I shouldn't write blog updates at 4am, clearly. Fixed it!

      I was thinking "Part of your world," an easy early-morning mixup there.

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