Monday, March 6, 2017

The Mancers of Kavet (Part 2)

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This is Part 2. You can find Part 1 here.

Topic: The Mancers of Kavet 

Part 2: Are Mancers Made Willingly?

Common wisdom in Kavet holds that this bond is desired by mancers, but this scholar finds some evidence to suggest otherwise.  Beyond the fact that this kind of sorcery is a crime punishable by death in Kavet- a risk few people will take- it often does not seem to be a physically or psychologically desirable condition.   
Abyssumancers in particular seem to be ill-used by their Abyssi, which is unsurprising considering their “masters” are by definition amoral, violent creatures incapable of compassion.  Abyssumancers continually need to replace the power their Abyssi parasites- for such they seem, when one considers this condition in these terms- drain away from them.  This incessant hunger can only be assuaged through despicable acts, including but not limited to blood sacrifice. 
The soldiers of the 126, a unit of guards specifically tasked with hunting these dangerous magic-users in Kavet, holds that individuals who already desire the pain of others are drawn to Abyssi and become Abyssumancers.  If true, it seems appropriate to condemn them.  One can’t help but wonder, however, whether we all might become monsters if we were faced with a lifetime of starvation from which there was no release. 
If I seem most interested in discussing Abyssumancers, it is because there is more information available about them than there is about the others of their ilk.  An Abyssumancer’s desperation is likely to lead him toward rash action.  As a result, more of them are caught and interrogated than any other type of mancer.


  1. Love hearing more about this world and it's inhabitants. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Noah, I'm glad to pique your interest! I'm hoping to make the Scholar of Faolan series fairly reader-inspired so please don't hesitate to ask questions on any topics about this would you would like to see discussed!

  3. I was actually wondering about something that's mentioned in the book a couple times. The crystal caves where Abyssi are born, does that mean there are baby Abyssi? Or are they born fully grown or something? It was never quite clear to me how they come to be as they are.

  4. I have an unfinished story that takes place before Mancer 1 involving Naples and a baby Abyssi. Might that interest people if I post it in a few parts on here?

  5. I for one would definitely be interested to read that! It'd be nice to see Naples again since he uh... left too soon 😬

  6. I would also love to read that story! I'm dying to see what a baby Abyssi is like.