Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Mancers of Kavet (Part 3)

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Topic: The Mancers of Kavet 

Part 3: What are the spawn?

Whether or not the half-Abyssi-half-human creatures known as the spawn even exist is another point of contention.  According to rumor, these spawn- or half breeds- would be the children of Abyssi or Numini who have bred with human women, such as mancers who have either summoned these extraplanar beings across into the mortal realm, or who have crossed into the Other realms themselves.  This possibility seems to defy credulity, and the soldiers of the 126 and the scholars of the Napthol Order all admit that there has never been a proven case of such an individual in Kavet-- but the whispers prevail, so I will acknowledge them here. 
According to a lifelong scholar who spoke only on the condition of anonymity (It is forbidden in Kavet to discuss these matters unless one belongs to the 126 or the Order of Napthol, so her studies are pursued illegally) the spawn have the following traits: 
Spawn are born and grow in much the same way as humans, and they look exactly like humans in almost all ways.  An individual capable of seeing Abyssal or Numen power- such as soldiers in the 126 with the sight- might see a nebulous halo of power around these creatures, but most spawn are capable of suppressing this magical aura unless they are actively performing magic. 
Spawn gain strength from food, as humans do, and from the same rituals that allow mancers to raise power, and from the types of sacrifice that sustain their Abyssi or Numini parents.  In this way they can become quite powerful without the extreme measures that often cause mancers to come to the attention of authorities.  Though they are born with power inherited from their divine or infernal parent, they are not tied directly to a Numini or Abyssi as a mancer is, and do not directly derive power from that creature or provide power for that creature. Therefore, an Abyss-spawn is able to continually generate power without having it siphoned away by an other-planar creature, and is spared the hunger that afflicts an Abyssumancer. 
While one would naturally assume the spawn inherit more weaknesses from their human parent, the opposite is actually true- their most dire weaknesses come from the nature of their Abyssi or Numini parent. 
Abyssi and Numini cannot exist in the mortal realm unless they have a direct tie to a mortal (such as a mancer) with the power to hold them on this plane.  While the spawn do not have this limitation precisely, their other-planar magic still has a tendency to bond to a mortal host, particularly if the spawn engages in activities that cause a power imbalance.  This bond and the circumstances in which it can form seems to have some kind of ritual form, but little information is available. 
Another natural weakness of the child of an Abyssi or Numini is that they are vulnerable to any spell that would target their parent, and thus are more vulnerable to an Abyssumancer’s or Numenmancer’s power than a pure human would be.  Given spawn produce a great deal of the kind of power an Abyssumancer or Numenmancer needs and have few defenses against these sorcerers, one could easily imagine their being victimized by mancers.

This concludes this portion of Scholar Faolan's research into mancers, unless I receive more questions I should answer. Your questions can be on this topic, or anything else relating to the Mancer trilogy or the world in which it is set.


  1. A Numeni spawn? It makes sense from an Abyssi, given the routes their power takes, but Numen? I mean, I suppose the Numen can do whatever they please, but I'm just having a hard time wrapping my mind around it...

    I guess this isn't a question, per se, half so much a general head scratching and confused state.

    1. Umber would agree with you that the concept of a Numen spawn is ridiculous, given Numini consider sex to be one of the evils of the mortal realm.

    2. Haha! Well, if Umber agrees then I'm in good company. :)