Saturday, March 25, 2017

Welcome back to the message board!

My earliest strong memory of this community was an email based Yahoo group called "Nyeusigrube Role Play Group" (more often just NRPG).  Through NRPG, Jaguar and Kel had a torrid affair, and I first experimented with what would happen if I cut all Leona's descendants off from the source of their magic.

Later came the message board, where I grew up with many of my readers.  Massive forums full of twenty-page threads included interviews of characters in published and unpublished works.  Even when we started a new board, we kept the old one as a multi-year project full of information.

Then came the server error.  The board went down.  The entire site went down.  It took me ages to restore even some semblance of the site, and when I finally brought the board back, it was plagued with spam; the only way to avoid having spam-bots swamp it in only a few hours was to make it impossible for anyone to register or post.  For months more, the board languished, as loyal readers prodded me on Facebook, Twitter and the blog to bring it back.

Now, at last, it's BACK.  A bevvy of loyal long-time board members have been testing it out for the last week, making sure registrations and posts and permissions work and giving suggestions about color, content and format.  So, at long last:

Please join us! 


  1. Not sure how else to tell you, but the MB is completely full of spam right now.

  2. So tragic, would love it bought back. Loved your novels ever since I was 13. Wouls love to dive into the world again through the message board.