About the Author

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is the author of seventeen young adult urban fantasy novels, three short stories, and an adult gay fantasy-romance trilogy. In addition to writing, she has a full-time job teaching English to high school seniors in a special education school, and is the mother of a brilliant baby girl named Becks.

Yes, it is possible her daughter's nickname came from a favorite zombie trilogy (Newsflesh, by Mira Grant). That there probably tells you more about Amelia than anything else I can say here.

Amelia started writing novels when she was in fifth grade and published her first as a freshman in high school. As she tells her students, she knows every excuse to get out of doing homework because she got away with them all. These days she works a bit harder to balance her responsibilities, which means she is sometimes a terrible web-mistress, but she still loves to write and continues to publish regularly.

The Atwater-Rhodes household also includes her partner S' and two cats, Gabby and Morgan.

If you want to chat with Amelia, you can reach her through Facebook or Twitter. She maintains her social media and website herself, which means she's currently writing in third person and isn't that kind of odd?

What can I say - I'm an odd duck.


  1. Hello, I purchased your shapeshifters book. The one with 5 complete novels in one. I'm curious about the inspiration behind these stories. Are there any historically based facts or idea in this series? More specifically, any inspiration from indigenous or aboriginal shape shifting abilities?

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  3. Hi!! I've been reading you since I was a kid and I'm excited to see what else you come up with. Do you have any advice for a budding author such as myself?

  4. Hi! In the forest of the night is one of my favorite books. tigre tigre has been my favorite poem since i read your book. I have been following you since the early 2000's. I want to thank you for the world you showed me as a preteen/teen girl. your books in the den of shadows was one of the roots that shaped my love for literature and vampires. Thank you so much.