Scholar Faolan

The "Scholar Faolan" pages follow the research and interests of a fictional character from the world of Castra, home of the Mancer series. I encourage readers to post additional questions on these posts, or through my Twitter or Facebook pages.

About the Author:

Faolan of K’net is a Tamari scholar renowned for his travel journals and in-depth research into both the mundane and the mystical aspects of the Castrili World, spanning from the shores of Silmat to the isolated island of Kavet, from the icy Embracing Sea to the tropical waters of the First Royal House of the Osei.

Current Research Topics:

This section will be updated as I complete material for it-- especially as I receive questions I can answer, so please, don't hesitate to ask! If Scholar Faolan is unable to answer, I'll have him bring in another expert to assist.

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